Friday, April 19, 2013

Highlighting a couple of my faves... with a Happy Friday Freebie

It's Friday!  The STAAR test is so close and we are hard at work tying up loose ends.  I have found tons of helpful test prep units on TPT.  In fact I have been using the site almost exclusively to find anything and everything I can to give my kids more practice and review.  I just wanted to share 2 of the most amazing tools I have used in my classroom to help prepare my students. 
About 2 weeks ago, one of my teammates found this super fab pack and I am obsessed!  I only wish he had found it sooner, but I plan on using it from day numero uno next year.  It is by This Little Piggy Reads (omgoodness such a cute name!) and you can find it in her TPT store HERE if you would like.
STAAR test prep by This Little Piggy Reads
In addition to teaching these strategies (I call them non-negotiables because they MUST use them) we also use this gem from Laura Candler that is FREE!  You can get your hands on it HERE!
Laura Candler  is amazing and my students love this activity.  They enjoy it so much I really think they forget they are studying sometimes.  This can be used for reading or math and she includes detailed instructions. 

Now to leave you with a freebie... we have been working on capacity and building Gallon Robots but, I also taught my thirdsters about Capacity Kingdom and Gallon Castle because I think it will be much easier for them to sketch in their test booklet if they choose to do so.  I made the colored graphic to hang in my classroom and the smaller ones they glued into their math journals. 

Have a fantastic, restful weekend everyone.  Toodles!


D. Frideley said...

Wow, You made my day! I'm so glad you can use this pack. I have a recording of the song if you'd like it e-mail me and I'll try to e-mail it to you! I'm lucky, my 2nd Grade Teacher uses the same strategies so when my kiddos get to me most of them can do my strategies. I've been using them for almost 10 years and I've never had less than a 85% passing rate.

I hope your kiddos do well on the STAAR!

Ms. Durbin said...

Awesome! I will definitely send our 2nd grade teachers straight to your store. I am emailing you now for the song. Thanks!

forkin4th said...

I love your Gallon Castle and Capacity Kingdom. I've kind of done a hip hop metaphor when I've taught capacity with the "Big G" or "G-Unit" diagram!!
Your Newest Follower,
Antonia @ forkin4th

Julie Goode said...

Thank you for the gallon graphic freebie! I am teaching that next week :)
The Techie Teacher

Just Wild About Teaching said...

Love this freebie! Thanks so much for sharing. =) I am your newest follower, drop by.

Just Wild About Teaching

Lisa Jenifer said...

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