Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Slow as a Snail...

It is May and I am most definitely feeling sluggish.  I find myself hitting snooze at least 4 times every morning nowadays (PTL I only have a 5 minute commute to school) and have my make-up routine down to 10 minutes and I can dash out the door. I am so ready for summer break.  Who's with me? 

I think I am really looking forward to having time to sit with my laptop, sipping sweet tea, and creating, creating, creating!  I did have time recently to get back into the swing of blogging and creating again so I came up with an activity that my students loved.  Before our big monster STAAR test, we needed a quick review of figurative language.  My kiddos are also UUUHBSESSED with QR codes and iPads so I whipped up an activity to incorporate both.  It's available in my TPT store HERE.

I ran black and white copies to save some printer ink and my students worked with a partner to read the cards, answer, and scan the QR to check themselves.  I store my baggies of cards and recording sheets in a brown clasp envelope.  I glue the cover on and laminate the envelope for durability.  This also helps when I need a quick small group, tutoring, or review activity.  I can just grab it and go.  

I can't wait to prepare more fantastic activities this summer to be ready to go in August with my new thirdsters.  
Hope you all are hanging in there!  Summer is just around the corner!