Saturday, October 29, 2011

Owl Moon plus a Freebie

It is no mystery that I love OWLS.  In first grade I always did a Stellaluna/Bat theme unit.  This year I had the opportunity to use the Owl Moon Unit from Amanda over at One Extra Degree with my thirdsters.  It aligned perfectly with my TEKS (standards) and I just ran with it. My kiddos especially loved digging in to the owl pellets and sorting the bones they found.  They were so engaged and didn't want to stop to go to PE.  We even had the cutest little Owl Smores made for us by a very brave mom willing to take on a Pinterest project for me. 
My students loved the story so much that they begged me to read it to them once more on Friday because we had a little extra time while packing up to go home. I am sad that Owl Week has ended, but now it is on to some very fun and exciting holiday theme units!
PS- The poetry and prose in Owl Moon is among my favorites and I created this little print to share my favorite quote in the book.  Grab it here!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Just a Quick Note...

I know it is Management Monday, but I was in desperate need of some help for my thirdsters that seem to be struggling with unlocking the code in math story problems.  We have gone over and over key words but I realize that they need them posted so they can see them everyday and really internalize them.  Of course if I am going to post them in my room they have to match my decor so I made these and am planning on taking them to STAPLES and having them enlarged to poster size.  They will be posted in my TPT store in a jiffy.  Multiplication and Division coming soon! Toodles!