Monday, April 8, 2013

Down to the Wire...with a freebie

Where has this year gone?  I seriously feel like I just got this group of babies and now they are 10 school days away from taking their first HUGE standardized test.  We are down to the wire and I am finding that they are ready, BUT (there is always a but LOL) we need to brush up on some little things. 
We did a review of elapsed time and the thing that is tripping them up seems to be the whole quarter past, half past, quarter till thingy.  If anyone out there has any suggestions I would love to hear them.  In the meantime I have made some labels for our classroom clock to help them and HOPEFULLY the visual will stick in their minds.  My clock was already labeled with the freebies I snagged from the lovely Mrs. Lemons, so I just added these as some extra help.  Sorry about the terrible picture quality! Grab your freebie HERE! Toodles!



Second-grade-alicious said...

It seems like everyone is doing time right now! I just finished up with time on Friday and we are on to money right now!

Mrs Poultney said...

Arrghhh! I just finished marking some prep tests and time, money, 3D shape and volume were the biggies that my Grade 3's just were not getting. Time and money just seems to be one of those things they have to practice ALL the time. Good luck!

Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

Hilary Gard said...

I found your adorable blog blog hopping today! I love the Owls! I am your newest follower!
Second Grade is Out of This World!

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