Saturday, July 23, 2011

Whoooo's your favorite author?

Obviously I have a small obsession with owls and it seems like many others do too.  A lovely fellow blogger asked me to create her a special sign and I think it turned out so cute so I wanted to share it with all my other owl lovers. 
I plan on highlighting an "Author of the Month" in my classroom and this will work perfectly. Just print a photo of the author and display it in the "frame".  Post a bio and display books by the featured author or even print out covers from their books to place around the bulletin board.   I included "author of the week" in case that works better for you.  I am so excited for this to find it's way into your classrooms!  Let me know what you think. 


Kymberly said...

I LOVE your signs! Thank you so much for posting them!!!!!

Where do you get that polka dot background? I would like to make some signs to go along with the signs you have made and would like them to coordinate. THNAKS!

Tales of a Third Grade

Teresa said...

What cute signs! Great idea too!!

Kim and Scott said...

These are so incredibly cute, I might want to change my theme to owls! What program do you create most of your things with? I love your TpT store. The colors of your products are bright, vivid, and eye catching! Love them!

Sarah Adams said...

Hi there! I am doing an owl themed room this year and your blog name caught my attention! I am now a follower! I just made some owls out of scrapbook paper for my board...I'm loving the owls this year! Stop by and check them out! I am a newbie and trying to get my blog out there in blogland!

Mrs. L said...

I have the same question as Kim! Where do you get your cute graphics? There is a cute store on Artfire that sells similar things. Hmm.... could that be it? :)

Mrs. L said...

Hey again!
I have another question if you get a second to answer... I was wondering how you print your posters... home? Staples? School? I'm afraid of how much ink it is going to use at home with the backgrounds. Sometimes when there is a background the paper gets all soggy... anyone else?

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