Friday, July 8, 2011


I made a mad dash to Super Target tonight (I'm talking 9:50 and it closes at 10) just to see what I could find in the dollar bins!  Whew! I knew they had Seuss stuff not too long ago but I didn't expect any to be left.  So, I was psyched to find these cute little buckets!  I also scooped up a ton of alphabet stickers, some alphabet stamps, and my favorite are the sectioned round trays.  Those come in super handy for teaching money.  I just put a tray filled with coins on each table for students to share.  Easy for them to sort and put away.  The hunt is still on for 24 small buckets I can use for our Bucket Fillers!  Tomorrow I'm hitting up Ikea for magazine files we will use for Daily 5 book boxes.  It's a good thing I'm relaxing this summer and not thinking about school at all (detect the sarcasm)! Nah, I love it!  Toodles!


Jennifer said...

I just posted how I use those same white boxes on my blog tonight! I love them much I have been converting them to plastic ones! =)

You can also use them as student boxes... I did that one year where I had the kids pictures on the outside and then the kids put in their stories they published.

What are you planning on doing with them?

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Ms. Durbin said...

I'm going to be implementing the Daily 5 in my classroom this year and each student needs an individual book box for "Read to Self". These are super cheap so I plan on putting a piece of duct tape on the bottom of each to make them more sturdy and slapping a fancy label on each one for their name and we are on our way!

Teresa said...

What a great idea for sorting money!

I have used the cardboard files before and they didn't last very long. A year, two in some cases, but I've found that the plastic ones are more sturdy and last longer.

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