Monday, April 7, 2014

It's Reading Fair Time!

Right after the STAAR test last year, I decided it was time to let loose and do some interactive, engaging projects to incorporate all we had learned throughout the year. 

One of my students' favorite projects was our School-wide Reading Fair.  I created a quick, no prep (except making copies) packet to give my students so they could plan their project.  It included a detailed explanation of my expectations and the literary elements that they were to present on their finished board.

You can find my Reading Fair packet in my TPT store or just click here.  
Here are some of my favorite projects...

I can't wait to get started with my kiddos at the end of this month!!

PS- I would love to hear feedback if you use the packet in your classroom or school.


Third in Hollywood said...

Tooooo stinkin' cute! I'll definitely be checking that out in your TPT site! Cute blog also!! I am your newest follower... So here's a award for you- The sunshine blogger award! Check out my blog to see what you do next! : )


Ms. Durbin said...

Thanks Emily! I just visited your blog and really enjoyed reading fun facts about you. I will be sure to do my next step as soon as STAAR testing is complete this week. Thanks for sharing the love!

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