Saturday, February 11, 2017

Well it has definitely been a minute...

Life happened and I was feeling uninspired, exhausted, and just overwhelmingly well...overwhelmed.  I think after ten years of teaching that is almost certainly going to happen but the thing I had to do was just keep pushing through and choosing joy in the little things like my morning coffee or the new planner that I purchased to make my to-do lists and busy calendars look pretty. 

Certain times of the school year also always brighten my mood and give me this nostalgic feeling.  College and Career Week is definitely one of those times.  It falls in February and always just feels like we are a little closer to Spring Break.  The kids are excited and they love to share their big dreams for the future.  I always get excited to tell them about college and show them so pics of dorm rooms and campuses.  The door decorating contest is also always so much fun. I mean it is always a lot of "stressful" fun LOL.  Coming up with a new idea each year and then getting it together just in time for the judges to come by and take a peek is a challenge, but I think procrastination is key for me (ha).  Nothing like working under pressure.  Anyway, here is our 2k17 college door!  

We went with some pop culture (with corrected grammar of course) and my kiddos love to use snapchat filters so that was a must.  Most importantly, they had fun and are so excited to have their pics on the door! 

As for me... well I hope to find the joy in the little things and definitely blog more.  I have missed it for sure. 

Be Back Soon,


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